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The Unknown Flower 🌸

There’s a Plant in My Window, Idk it’s Name, But It’s Called the Chinese Flower Plant.

The Very Speciality of This Plant Is That Every Morning when the Sunlight Falls on It, A Few Flowers Bloom, They Look Very Beautiful!

And When the Sunsets, They Frown into Buds, It Happens Everyday, Everyday Alternate Flowers Bloom and Frown, Everyday From The Sunrise to Sunset they Shine.

Yeah This Is Great, Specification Of My Plant! But I wanna relate it to My Situation, and Maybe Everyone My Age and Less’s Situation, I think Everyone’s.

It’s been 4-5 Months Now, Sitting in this Situation, tho the Lockdown has Ended, But the Situation hasn’t.

We’re new people to the World, New Talents, New Faces, New Beginners, New Entrepreneurs, Etc.

If we Run down anywhere, we won’t be Accepted, People won’t risk New Things, When they’re Hardly Earning from their Ongoings. We won’t be recognized as a New One, But a Risky One to Not Bet on in these Circumstances and Harsh Financial And Trading Situation.

It’s Me, It’s Everyone who’s Gonna Go through this!

I feel that Anxiety of How will my Future be and I might get into Depression too, and so Might Others

But these Flowers I see everyday in My Window are my Hope, They Keep Frowning Every Night, But Whenever The Sunshines on them, They Bloom Up Beautifully! And So Is Us, We Fall Dark and Overthink in the Night! But when again it’s the Morning, I won’t Stop with Working Hard and Struggling To Every Possibilities.

Coz when I come back Home and I’ve achieved something, I’ll be Happy, And Even If I don’t achieve anything, I’ll be satisfied that I tried My Best!

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