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The Typewriter

You may Just call it a Typewriter, for me it's also a Teacher. 🖨️⌨️


It was last month, My Dad brought a Typewriter from his office, I was first surprised to see that this thing looked soo amazing, and I eagerly wanted to try typing on it, as I always put my hands on the Computer Keyboard, I placed my palm on it, as if it was a Piano, later on I installed the Paper in it and then thought of writing my heart out. I couldn't think of anything else than writing a letter to Myself.

As I started, it was very difficult to type, I tried my best, I stuck my Fingers in it maybe 5 times, but I anyhow completed it, and read the letter and was happy, but also was in a great amaze, that this is not just how a Typewriter works, it is also about how this LIFE works.

When we start, we don't have any idea, where we are going, but as we start our Journey, we get to know where we can be. Typewriters never have a Backspace or Delete button, which can undo our Mistakes, and so is our Life. You may get your Fingers stuck into the Keys, but you can always come up and complete your page of Letter, the story of LIFE, and the most important thing it Teaches me, is that whenever you Start something in the book of your life, worry about nothing, you may slow down a bit in between, but never STOP, you may get stuck in between, but never STOP, you may get Hurt in between, but never STOP, and you may get a bit lost in between, but believe in yourself and never ever FUCKING STOP.

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