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The Message in a Bottle!

Yes, it is a Message in a Bottle

With a Message, a note of - HELP!!

This message isn't by a Person Stuck on an unknown island or someone stuck in a Sinking ship,

This message is by the Seas, the Oceans, Shouting, Saying, Seeking help from Humans, We've destroyed it all, there's no doubt that today there's a lot of problems due to US to the WORLD!

Today 1.7 Tons of Waste is just in the Indian Ocean! Plastic floating and the rest underneath!

What have we done to such a beautiful WORLD?

We have a gift, that we are destroying by our own Hands.

Let's not to this, let's not take our lives by ourselves.

Save Yourself, We Need Water to survive and Believe me, the Oceans don't need us at all!!!

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