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The Love For Low Light, But Highlighting something important.

The Love for Low Light is Just Another Level ♥️ .


Well, a lot of Old Shots which I couldn’t Upload will be Coming Up with those, as this Quarantine is still going On!

Well, this Quarantine is all we Teens and Adults actually Wanted, Don’t you remember saying? Give Me a Room With Internet and Food and I’ll Live My Whole Life! Guess What?

You’ve Gave Up on that Thought already, coz you don’t respect the Freedom You Have, You Don’t Respect the Liberty You Have.

I keep seeing people on the Roads and a Few Ass Teens and Adults Still on the Roads, though the Police is Working Hard Day and Night for your Protection, What Do You Don’t Have Is Discipline in Yourself, You Keep on Judging Things on the Bases of What You See, You Are Never Informed enough about what it actually Is, You May Go To Clean Up Campaigns, But You are Never Disciplined enough to Not Litter the Surroundings, You wanna Go To The GYM, Make A Good Body, But You Don’t Understand Your Habit of Smoking And Drinking Is What Actually Kills You, Gaining Few Muscles You Call Yourself Healthy? I’ve seen a No Abs, No GYM Body Man Healthy, Walking, And Running at the Age of 92,

But wait a Minute, You’re Not Disciplined Enough to Read this and Understand, Ik you’re Just Gonna Ignore It,

But I’ll Still Write!

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