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The First Day!

It’s All So Just Going with Life


It’ll be the First Day or let me Say, First Online Lecture for the Last Year of My College.

It was all so wonderful in the Last 2-4 Years of This College. Yeah, Bags, Books, Stationeries, New Clothes, and what not!

We thought we could cherish the Last of our Year Special, But As the Start is So, Can’t be really very Fun as we thought.

But this is Okay for Us, Peak of Our Lives. But Just think about those Small Beautiful Kids, Who are Still in School, as we used to be.

That Excitement To Go to the School, The Very Beautiful Rainy Season, The Smell Of New Books, Those Ironed Uniforms and Leather Black Shoes. That very Excitement to See Your Crush Daily from Now on and That Stupid BestFriend you’d Never Leave as a Bench Partner.

We used to Prepare Our Bags a Day Before and Cover Our Books With Those Brown/White Cover Papers and Use Fancy Labels for Naming the Books with Our Identity.

That was So Much Fun to Prepare. So Beautiful Memories to Nostalgia.

And Now, That’s My Preparation to My First Day, To Be Well Equipped and Prepared, To sit in front of a Screen for 5 Hours Listening to the Professors, Seeing our Mates on Small Screens, Having a Comfortable Seating. It Might Sound Cool, But Is Saddening!

How Lives and Everything has Turned. Feels Tasteless, to Not be Sitting With Our Friends, Not Walking With Our Hands on the Shoulders of Our Friends and Sit in that Newly Made Beautiful Campus. It’ll be Missed Everyday. We Kept thinking of Having the Life at Our Best Comfort, I think We Live Our Lives while Hustling for It.

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