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The Books Of Life.

Quran Shareef ☪️

Holy Bible ✝️

Bhagvat Geeta 🕉


Mujhe Koi Haqq Nahi mai Kisi Dharm Par Bolu.

I’ve no Right to Speak Against Any Religion, But I have a Right to Speak for one Religion we always Forget About.

Humanity 💟☮️☯️

We in this Generation have forgotten about the First and The Most Important Religion to Be Followed By We So Called the Smartest Creation on This Earth.

We’ve been Created, And Have been Surviving Not By a Small Hunch of Nature, But By A Greater Power, A Power which is Beyond the Limitations to Thousands of Universes, A Power Who Guides Us By These Holy Books of Guidance,

And Still we Fight Over


Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid, But Never Fight to Feed a Poor, Never Fight to Give Shelter to Homeless.

I am a Muslim, I’ve Read and Tried to Understand Quran, I’ve read Bhagvat Geeta and Tried to Understand, I’ve read Bible, and Tried to Understand it.

Do you know What did I Understood from It?

These Holy Books Guides Us to Our Eternal Self, Our Mind, It Explains How Humble, Kind and Generous a Person Should Be. I Never read, or got a Hint that to Become A Good Person, You need to War with Others, But I read Something about War and That Was Having it Within your own self, Fighting with the Evil Within, And Killing the Bad inside Us

Not Other People on the Name of Religion. ‘Hell Has 3 Gates: Anger, Lust, Greed’ - “Bhagwat Geeta”

‘There is no compulsion in Religion,

Whoever hurts a Non - Muslim will not smell a Whiff of Paradise’ - “Quran”

‘Wherever there is HATRED & ANGER, combat is with TRUTH wrapped in LOVE’ - “Bible”

Someone Said This, And Said This True,

“Jo Geeta Quran Padhte Hai Woh Dharm Mazhab Par Ladhte Nahi, Jo Dharm Mazhab Par Ladhte Hai Unhone Kabhi Geeta Quran Padhi Nahi”

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