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The Boat Of Life!

A Boat!

Have you ever heard of a Word, ‘Sailor’?

Well yup a very common word when you see a Ship, Boat, Etc.

And You may also know a Sailor is a Person who Navigates the Ship.

But that’s a Boring and really very Underated statement.

Listen to this, When I say a Sailor,

I state a Person capable of Fighting Every Storm in His way without Stopping, Feeling Every Wave and Going through every Up and Down.

Yes it isn’t Easy and It Isn’t just a Hand Behind the Wheels and Person behind the Navigation.

It is a Warrior behind a Bait, a Bait where every,Every Big Fish and Every Big Storm thinks it is an ease to Takedown thé Haddock, but it never Is. Yes I took it from Tin-Tin,

“A Haddock”, coz in Life, Even you are a Sailor, You are a Haddock,

It just lies in your Hands, The Wheels, whether you Keep it Put and Hold it Strong while Life Brings Big Storms and Problem or You Let Go Off and Sink in the Very Pressures the Waves bring when it Hits your Very Patience and the Capability to Handle a Situation, a circumstance, a Big Storm.

You Find It easy to Call out a Person in some Problem and tell them it’ll be Alright, but lesser you know is how deep he/she has Sunken into it, how scared they are to see the Big Wave hitting their Ship, you may not know how sweaty the Hands are behind those Wheels who take every turn with a Very Careful Decision.

You Hit the Storm, You Stay on the Path, You Bravely Fight that One Dreadful Storm in that One appalling Night, It’s all a Heavy Mess on the Shoulders but you Gotta Get Up, Stick your Hands on those Ropes and Wheels and Fight the Storm no Matter What!!

You wanna Achieve the Destination, The Calm Water, The Beautiful Skies and With That One Thought, You Keep Fighting and Standing Up against a Terrible but a Worth defeating Storm.

Coz You Know,

‘Every Calm Wave is an Alarm

To a Terrible Storm Coming’

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