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The Bloom in Life

Eid Mubarak to All Of You ♥️ But this Post isn’t About Eid

But a More Precious Day In Your Life

Eid is No Doubt a Festival of Happiness, Brotherhood, And Peace.

But what if You’ve lost those Feelings Within? Yes, People Do Die within.

When something keeps them Down, Worried, Or Unhappy, They Die, We All Die Within. And Not Just Once, But a Several Times, In a Day, In A Week, In a Month. But Why Does this Happen?

It Is Said that Without Food a Person Can Survive for 24 Days, Without Water, 24 Hours, Without Air 24 Minutes, But without HOPE, a Person can’t Even Survive 24 Seconds. That happens, to most of us, Because we always keep thinking that there will be a Ray of HOPE.

Hear The Truth: There is No Ray Of HOPE. Yes you heard me Right.

It is You, You are the Hope to Yourself,

Your Strength to Accept the Situation is The Hope to Live with the Rest, You self determination is the HOPE to Keep working even If You Fail, Your Self Believe is your HOPE that you can Overcome every Single Circumstance in your Life.

You see this Small Bloom here? This is it’s Hope to Live, Even within the Rocks of Circumstances and Dryness of Help,

It makes its own Way to Live, To HOPE for Living even When there aren’t any Chances. I’ve seen Huge Trees fall By themselves when There’s No Hope and I’ve Seen Small Beautiful Flowers bloom in the Dirtiest Mud, Relate it to Your Life.

And Believe Me, But This Is The Truth,

“Your Circumstances Maybe the Pebbles around You, But the Heavy Rocks are the People Who Won’t Want you To Bloom”

And that Moment when everything Gets Good, That’s the Day of Happiness, When that really Heavy Heart Melts and Turns in Tears of Joy, is one of the most Beautiful moments in one’s life.

You are the Greatest Creation Of God, “Don’t Use It To Kill Yourself, Make It Use to Live Yourself”

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