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Well, Here’s the beautiful

Super Pink Moon 🌝

So these are My Shots from 3 Days and On the Full Moon Day,

When the Moon is on the Perigee, Nearest to the Earth.

Well there isn’t always a Story when it comes to the Beautiful Moon, But always a Person.

That Beautiful Person!

To whom you compare with the Moon, Who may have a Lot of Flaws like the Moon, But Always the Most Beautiful And Shining In Your Heart, In Your Sky.

Just Like Moon, You Adore your Loved One, Just Like Moon, You Wanna See Them Shine.

There then comes days when you can’t see them, can’t talk to them, but know that they’re Close to you!

There’s a Lot when it Comes to the Moon and “Your Moon”.

I have heard stories and Feelings,

Though I have never lived any.

Well I recently Trued to Flirt with Someone relating to Moon, but I realised I am a Bit Bad at It

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