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Sunsets Are Beautiful 🌅

Looking At The Bonds, The Love.

Be It Of Anyone, For Anyone.

Sometimes, They Break.

Those Feelings Fade,

Those Emotions Just Go Dark.

And Then You Just Break from Inside, Looking for the Help of What’s Inside, You Just Try To Fall In Love with What Nature Gives You.

And For Every-time, Every Person,

Chose To Sit On an Edge or End And Just Look At The Sun Setting Down.

That Beautiful Star Just Touching the Edge Visible to Our Sight and Just Changing It’s Color and The Colors of The Sky, A Beautiful Phenomena.

Looking At The Edge Of Water, When a Huge Ball Of Light Just Merges with the Water and Sets Away In Such a Beautiful Way.

An End that’s an Everyday Thing,

Being Such a Beautiful End.

You’re Just Broken and Hurt and Everything Seems Ugly, But This End is the Only Thing You Find the Most Beautiful and Relieving of all that’s Going Inside You.

And You Just Believe It,

‘Whatever is Happening, Is Temporary, Hard But Temporary’

And Just Know It In Yourself,

‘Sunsets Teach Me, Endings Are Beautiful’

And If It’s Not Beautiful Yet, Then It’s Not The Ending Yet.

‘Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost’


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