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Sunsets are the Most Beautiful Part.


Ever had a Tiring day?

Ever just wanted to Scream off things you couldn't control?

Ever just wanted to cry over something?

Ever just wanted to be Silently Dead in a World Full of Chaos?


Y am I writing this on a Sunset Post?

How does it relate?

Exactly your Question!


Everything above, Yes I've been through, Seen Things, and Done!

Living in a World full of Competition, life Sucks Yea! But ever thought what if you Took a Step Ahead, Played a Risky Move? And Just Went to the Edge of a Breath Taking Fall?


Whenever sitting near a Seaside, I always thought of Earth as A Player in the Solar, who Always Went far From an Adventure at Night, and Started a New One in the Morning, and the Adventure always went Hyper at the Afternoon, when the Sun's at the Head, Nearest to Every Human Head, Shining Bright as if it would just end the World, But the Earth always takes that one Breath Taking Step, Touches the Hottest Point and Pulls off Itself from the Mighty Sun, and When the Adventure ends, It's always Beautiful.

And when you see this Beautiful sight, everything you go through your Day, Just comes to a Relief.

And As Always Said and Will Be Said

'Sunsets always Keep me Believing that Endings can Be Beautiful ♥'

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