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Prayers 🙏🏻

Today When The Doors Are Locked To Every Destination, Every Religious Place, Every Gathering Spot, What I believe is that God wants You to Know that He the Almighty is Everywhere, Not Just In a Place of 4 Walls and A Roof.

Today Even Though ‘He’ has Closed doors to Every Church, Mosques and Temples, People Worship Him, People Know That He the Almighty Listens to His Believers.

You Don’t Need To Find Him Somewhere, God Isn’t A Person, But a Power Beyond Your Imagination, Beyond Your Biased Minds and Within Yourself.

Today, Everyone’s Praying To The Power and Not To ‘SOMETHING’

Your Beliefs of God has To Be In Your Heart and Not Into Something Created.

Has Been Said and Always Will Be

“Prayer Is a True Weapon of a Believer”

Aur Bade Buzurg Keh Gaye Hai ki,

“Maano Toh Patthar Me Bhi Bhagwaan Hai, Na Maano Toh Mandir Me Bhi Bhagwaan Nahi”

Dil Se Baat Karta Hoon, Humne Seekha Hai Kya Hai Dharm, Shayad Hum Nahi Jaante Ho Kya Hota Hai Dharm, Magar Ek Cheez Zaroor Jaante Hai Ki Dharm Ke Naam Par Hum Ladhai Kare Aise Insaan Nahi Hai Hum, Humari Generation Ko Pata Hai Ki Harr Dharm, Jaat, Ek Hai, Koi Bada Chhota Nahi, Koi Uncha Neecha Nahi, Sab Ek Samaan.

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