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PlayStation ♥️

I here had a Story when My Father Bought me a PS2 🎮.

It was my friend who had a PS2 and I always went Playing with them, sometimes I would be Satisfied and Fulfilled Playing, But Sometimes, I just felt if I had one.

So 1 afternoon after my Father came back from work, I slowly went to him and asked my Father to buy me a PS2.

He Declined!

I was very upset, so I kept on Asking and Use to Cry for It. Then came the Month of Ramzan, I was like a Maybe 11-12 Y/o.

I had been doing the 30 Days Properly past 2 Ramzan and I was ready for this One too. It was again a Great thing for me to Complete 30 Days of Fasting In Continues 3 Years. Everyone Was Happy.

After a Few Days, My Dad came Home, I was asleep, coz after tutions I used to get tired. I suddenly Hear a Voice and Try to Open my Eyes while I just see my Dad sitting facing the Back. After a 15 Mins I again hear the Sounds and Wake Up to See Him playing a Car Racing Game ‘Grand Tourism 4’ on a Console, I wasn’t that conscious enough to realize something here, we I got freshen up, I saw a Beautiful Black Console with a Black Remote and It was Stealth written ‘PS2’ on the Console. I was really very happy. But then my Father said me, That he Didn’t bow down to my Stubborn Want, But Gifted me this for my Such an achievement of completing 30 Days fast for Continuous 3 Years.

My Father fulfilled my Wish, but gave me a Much Bigger Lesson that Sometimes, what you want doesn’t Come to you Like that, You need to Work hard for that, I understood that maybe it is not related to My Achievement and My Wish, But Ik that We always need to work hard, we never know how Beautiful the Ending will be After we Complete working Hard, But it is Sure that It’ll be Beautiful, My Example was a Bit different, but what I learned, I learned it that way!

I believe,

“Your Hardwork is Your Truest contribution towards a Beautiful Tomorrow for Yourself”

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