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My One Day Trip To Kandy.

My One Day Trip To Kandy - Sri Lanka.

So, Here are some of The Pictures I Clicked on My Trip.

I'll Explain them Slide Wise,

Do Read It.


1. So here's the World's Most Beautiful and Worst Feeling in A Picture.

The Feeling of Love & The Love Triangle, and Idk why, But I guess Animals have this feelings too! When I clicked this picture, I saw the Two Elephants together for like 15 Continues minutes and the One Standing There alone at the Same state for 15 Minutes! And I can understand at least one thing from it that, it Isn't just us Human Beings, Animals have Feelings too.


2. So here this Monkey was just Sitting on the Edge of the Tree, which was 400m High and in Middle of Nowhere! And as I went to Click him, he saw me, shook a Bit and posed me - "Peek-A-Boo".


3. These Elephants here, were not trained or anything, they were just Those who get injured or are left by the Groups, brought to the Elephant Orphanage! I was a lot close to them, but they stood still, no harm to me, no harm to other people, More mannered and Calm and Polite! And we Call Them



4. This Elephant here, it was a Baby, You know why this one was Separate from Every Other? Bcoz, this Baby Elephant was shot By Someone in the Ear and was there for Medications. I am sure this Beautiful One had nothing to do with getting a Bullet in his Ear, But "Money Speaks and Animals Don't" .


5. *Censored*

See this Cute Mother Here?

From the Locals nearby, who were used to these Monkey Groups informed us that this Mother lost her Son in an Accident. A car ran over his child and No One Cared, and when someone saw Her Monkey Son's lying Body on the Road, A Bus Driver Took Him for Medicare! And this Mommy Monkey is Still Finding Her Son!


Sometimes I think, Y did God make the World so Cruel? But then I also realised, that he Made Good Things too, it's just the Matter of Choices.

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