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My 100th Post on Instagram!

Colombo Sri Lanka, I will never forget this place, the Beautiful Sights and Feelings This place gave me are unforgettable!!

While I was taking this picture, I was a bit sad, as it was my last day in Sri Lanka. I just looked up to the Sky, and wished something while seeing this amazing View. And then when I looked back at this Beautiful Sunset, I just realized how Long, Beautiful & Huge this life is, Endless, Limitless & Wonderful this World is, and what I actually was doing was feeling sad? When it was actually the time to live it perfectly. And that thought just made me Feel so Good and Soo Happy, that even when I was leaving for the day, the Breeze of the Ocean felt like something I never Felt! And that moment I just remembered one thing,

"You can either be Happy even on the Last Minutes, or be Sad from the Beginning."

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