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Mumbai from 41st Floor!

This City My Friends, Can be the Most Beautiful Dream or the Worst Nightmare!

This is no less than a Sin City, Bombay, the Old City of Discipline, Power, Wealth, Dignity, Beauty and History of It’s Own, A City which People dreamed About, was Something More!

But Today, When I Call It Mumbai, It’s No More a City with Those Features, It’s a City of a Few Memorials and Statues, A City of Corrupt Powerful People, A City of Poor Innocents, A City of Wealth, A City of Greed, A City where A Rich Person is Given all The Comfort, tho they can Afford that. And Where Poor is Overpowered over a Small Loan, Which He may not be able to Repay on Time! Still It’s a Beautiful City.

I realise Something Today,

For Those who Don’t Live in Mumbai, It’s a ‘City of Dreams to Them’

But for those Live in Mumbai,

It’s a ‘City that Never Sleeps’

“And Never Lets Sleep”

If You Understand the Meaning Behind My Saying,

You know the Truth!

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