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It has been a Long Time, There’s A Pandemic, But We’re Free to Roam

There’s Been So Much Chaos Out There, But Still Can’t Do Anything

Our Lives Have Come to Such a Turn that We Can’t Have Proper College, Jobs, Work, Etc.

People Falling In Depression, Broke, Some Lost Their Job, Some Lost Their Home!

But Still, We Can’t Do Anything!

All We can do is Sit There, Concentrate on the Details and Be Happy about what we actually Have With Us!

Food On The Table and Roof on our Head!

It’s Not Easy, But we can Under how hard it would be for The Person Earning For the House,

And We can’t Imaging the Depression and Pressure They Might Face, And Still You Can’t Do Anything!

Coz the Way Lives Have A Turn On Us, It’ll Take a Bit For Us To Learn Through It and Come Up Big!

So, If You Think You’re Just Sitting Today and Not Earning, Don’t Be Upset, It’s Just A Small Period Of Time, A Drastic Change, Depression Isn’t Where You Belong, Broke Is Not What You Are! You’re Learning, Changing!

Keep It Up, Don’t Look Back!

Life Lies Ahead.

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