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Left Alone....

Everyday it’s something New, Something Maybe Carrying On of Yesterday and Something Of What It’ll Be Tomorrow!

So Much To Think, And So Less Time,

But What We All Forget Is, How To Live!

Loneliness, Alone, Left Out, Etc....

It’s Something You Feel Every Now and Then, But Does That Make You Worthless?? Fucking NO!!!

You Are The Only and The Best Person,

And Wanna Be The Best Version of Yourself, Upgrade Yourself,

A Little Bit More From Tomorrow,

Always Have the Mindset to Learn!

You Can Just Sit Idle and Overthink or Have Your Own Peace and Build Yourself

It’s Either One Day or Day One,

It’s Either You Wait or Take The Leap,

It’s Either You Burn or Use that Energy

When I Say Loneliness, Then a Person

Can Either Create or Destroy Themselves

Be Wise, Be Kind, Be The Righteous Version of Yourself, Just Be Yourself!

After all, You’re Alone!

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