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Just Live with What You’ve Got Today 💐

I am Stressed, Might even get Depressed, Why?

Coz this is the Prime Time of My Life and All I have to do is Sit at Home ensuring My and My Family’s Health. I had Plans and Things to Do, But now All I have is a Room With White Noise and Dark Thoughts.

But I won’t ever Stop, I am Still Running inside my Head, Still Hustling Under My Very Breath to Live through the Thoughts. I am Strong Enough, But I Need You’ll to Understand and Fight for Yourselves. There’s no such thing as a Prime Time, It’s always You, You can Achieve anything, anytime, anywhere. Don’t Let the Monsters and the Very Stupid Critics and Minds of the Society Fall You Down on Your Knees. All You’ve Got Today is To Make a Better Version of Yourself, All You’ll Have tomorrow is to make a Better Life and World for Yourself. You Stay Strong!!!

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