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Janmashtami, The Festival of Lord Krishna.


So, this one Beautiful thing happened with me today - I went to a nearby area to Capture the Beauty of this Festival of Lord Krishna (Janmashtami), and the main program of Dahi Handi, I waited there for the Perfect moments and Opportunities to click these pictures, while I was clicking, an Old uncle came by and asked me if I was called by the Team or I am just there to click for myself, and I answered that I was just on my own, he then asked me What is your Name, and I said "it's Hatim", after hearing my name, he widened his eyes and with a depth in his voice asked me if I was a Muslim! I with a bit of scared tone said Yes and he nodded to me with a sharp 'Hmm', and Loudly called his son out, I got a bit afraid, his son with a Plate in his hand, distributing the offering (Prasad) among all the people, came by. The old uncle then took some of it and gave it in my Hand and asked me, if I do eat by their hands, and I said yes. The old uncle with a really nice smile on his face said me "Who says you are a Muslim, I can see a Young Indian among us" and that Phrase shook me, I wasn't expecting that coming, I felt something like never before, the feel of Pride, feeling of being an Indian. 🇮🇳

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