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FLY!!! -2

As I said the Last Time, Flying isn’t always about Flying High in the Sky,

But That Feeling, Feeling the Most Amazing!

Let me Share you a Story about me,

No it isn’t About the Experience of my First Flight!

When as a Kid you’re introduced to someone, You’re always afraid,

You always think that Person maybe a Horror.

But when you grow up, you’re introduced to a lot of people, and in that you find someone really amazing.

Yes, Yes, I am talking about that feeling, that Butterflies in Your Stomach and Pumping heart in your Chest.

Yes I’ve been in that Flight too,

When I met her, it was all Like a RollerCoaster, At Start, all Butterflies in the Stomach, and in the Middle always Amazing, Ongoing and Fun, And at the End, It Stops, Everything Stops.

Everything Gets Silent, when it gets Over,

It Seems like it’s an End to Everything, No More Butterflies, Nothing!

Just a Silent Pond.

But that’s When again you need to Take a Flight,

I didn’t mean to Get another Girl,

What I mean is to Get up and Push Yourself, From One Bad Page to Ahead in Search of A Good End!

Get Up and Work On Yourself!

Fly to Achieve, Fly to Your own Self, Fly to being a Better Person,

You May Become a Better Version of Yourself, and Maybe One day again, It’ll be Back, No not the Person, But the Feeling, The Feeling of a Flight within ✈️ You Must always Remember,

‘No Person is there to Be ever for Your Happiness,

It is YOU who is responsible for Either Crawling the Grounds or Flyin’ the Skies’

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