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It Is How It Is! COVID-19

Bombay, A City That Never Sleeps,

Now Rests With Peace,

It feels Bad, Sad, How Beautiful and Busy the Streets Of Mumbai Used To Be, And Now How Empty And Silent It Is. Looks Like A Zombie Apocalypse Hit.

Known For It’s Busy And Jiffy Streets,

Mumbai Is Now At Peace.

Would Like To Thank@my_bmc@mumbai.police_for Keeping Every Possible Precautions to Keep Us Safe.

And I Also Ask You’ll To Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Every time We Ask People To Create A Chain and Support In Something,

But Now, We Ask People To Break This Chain and Support Us,

Going To Buy Grocery, Keep Distant

Going To Medicals, Keep Distant

Going To Market, Keep Distant

It is you who can Save Yourself,

Coz You Won’t Know How Many People and How Many Lifes You Would Take With You, If You Get This Virus, Tho Unintentionally, You May Not Just Take A Person’s Life but also can Ruin or Breakdown A Whole Family.

Please Be Safe, Be Home.

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