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A Moment In Life,

There’s a Bloom, In Everyone, Be it a Girl or a Boy. A bloom doesn’t just mean Puberty, but Maturity. Same as a Flower.

When Maturity, you come alive to the reality of how things work, how the World is, how the People Are.

You develop to know your responsibilities and work hard on them.

You go out you see someone’s already here before, someone’s already touched the Sky and Someone’s Already Living the Life of their Dreams, Your Dreams. That Doesn’t mean you can’t!

That Doesn’t mean you stop, that Doesn’t mean you Fall, But Learn.

There’s a Very Small Chance that you’ll think you can’t achieve it, but once you start thinking, it’ll tale away all your chances of you doing it.

Your Life depends on the Roots of How you were raised, on the Roots of how you act, respect, honor and achieve.

Your Discipline and Attitude is the Most Thing That Matters.

You Learn and Learn and Grow, You are not a Flower Yet, Just a Stem.

When you look around you see all the Flowers Bloomed Already, With Success and What They’ll Always Wanted.

But Patience is what makes Life Worth It.

Your Stem Grows, With Hardwork, Your Morals and Principles. You Might Find Yourself A Loser Being the Good One, But When You’ll Look Around, You Might See That You’ve Grown Taller With The Stem.

You’ll See that You’ve Achieved More Being Good and Honest, To Others,


And When You’re Actually Mature Enough To Understand the Good In Yourself, You’ll Bloom Beautifully.

And That Bloom Might Not Be Success Or Something That You Always Wanted,

But It’ll Be Of Happiness,

That You Find In Little Things, Things that Truly Matter, Things That Make You Smile. That’s Worth It.

Life Isn’t About Alot of Money, Success and Things You Own.

It’s About What You Get From It. Are You Happy?

The Flower Will Always Have One Rule,

‘You Bow, What You Sow’

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