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A Cycle 🚲

A Cycle 🚲

As a Kid, we always had a Dream to have a Cycle, maybe not this Generation kids, But yes we did dream.

I remember my story how I was trained and how actually did I learn cycling.

I always used to rental cycle from my nearby shop and try to cycle, my mom used to run behind me that I don't fall off! And she never let me, tho I couldn't actually learn. Once she was with me, I started paddling and she left the Cycle, and I was riding it, as I didn't know she's already left it, and I was a bit far now and suddenly I looked behind that she wasn't supporting my Cycle and I fell down.

Well life does the Same, Every time you Look Back at your Mistakes, You will Fall, You'll Stop and You'll Just Regret of It, You won't achieve.

Then one day, My Grandfather took me to train me Cycling, he tried hard, he said me one thing, to Look ahead, but I didn't, as Old he was and so Wise, he just started walking away from me and said,' If you Just Look Ahead You won't fall, You'll Learn' His exact words I still remember were "Hatim, bass agal joine Chalaav",(Just Look Ahead and Ride).

And that was the day I learned to ride a Cycle.

And that's what life is I now know,

I always Believe, 'Looking Back will always Stop You and Push You Down, But Looking Forward Will Always Keep You Going.'

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