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Everyday You Wake Up with a Plan, An Idea, A Routine and a Lot of Stuffs,

But what if the Day Never Starts for You?

What if The Eyes You Shut Never Open Again? You Know This, But You Always Have Hope

Not a Good Story to actually Read here,

But telling you the Reality of what I Myself Went Through!

At This Age, 18-22, Just Motivated Enough to Hustle and Come Up with Something of My Own!

All I And Actually Everyone of Us Faced This Quarantine and Lockdown.

It was Hard, Too Hard to Wake Up everyday with a Fear of Getting Such a Disease where there was no Idea what would be the Consequences,

But Never Did Leave the HOPE of Waking Up Next Day, And Trying Something!

I was never employed, to say, was self Employed, a Mere Start to My Own Startup and so many Plans to Work on it,

But Then Locked In and DONE!

I felt Low and Maybe Depressed Every Single Day, and I am Sure Everyone Did, When They are full of Motivation and So Much Of Energy to Do Something!


But Again, Everything was Going Off,

And Still We Had HOPE.

Hope that it’ll be a Better Tomorrow

Hope that we can start again

Hope that we’ll do our best

Hope that there’ll be a New Day

Hope that there’s still HOPE 🤍


So If There Happens a Small Pause,

Don’t Stop.

If There’s a Change, Learn and Accept It But Don’t Stop.

If a Nightmare was Too Horrible, Take Another Nap To Dream, But Don’t Stop.

Take a Break, Take a Breath,

Start Again, But Don’t Let Any Of This Stop You From Anything!


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