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When a Person is Born, He doesn’t Know things, He/She isn’t Introduced to the World, But then, they Grow Up to Crawl, Watching Other People. They Crawl to Try if they Can Reach By Themselves.

Then they See People around Walking, That Small Baby, Now wants to Learn to Stand Up on His/Her feet, coz it see’s the World doing Something he Can’t .

Once that Small Baby Starts To Walk, He’s again Eager to Learn to Run & Jump. He Learns it in the World.

And Then from that Minute to Every Second in this World this Kid Turns To A Teen, Adult but Keeps Running, Jumping in Life. But did you ever Wonder What if You Could Fly?

If You could be the Wings in the Infinite Sky?

When we Talk about Richies and Stuffs, Yes Helicopter and First Class Jets are How they Fly, But For a Normal and Happy Person, Flying Isn’t Traveling,

It is to Live the Best of the Life He can till his very Moment of Death.

For a Normal Person, Flying would be a Friend Hugging Them after this Quarantine.

For Them it Would be Eating their Favorite Snacks and Foods after this Gets Over.

For them, Achieving a Degree they’ve been struggling for would be the Biggest Flight in Life.

For Me, If my Crush Ever Proposed me, That would be The Biggest Moment for Me, I’d be Flying.

‘Flying Doesn’t Mean to Flap Wings and Go Away.

Flying Means to Live the Happiest Moments while Having your Feet on Ground’

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